Popular Brand SVG Icons – Simple Icons

Add social media and popular brand icons to your WordPress website

This plugin allows you to easily add high-resolution icons to your website and recolor them without using image tools such as Photoshop. In addition, because the icons are in SVG format, you can easily resize the icons and the icons will remain in full resolution. SVG icons are all vector format, so you can even download the icons and change them if you want.


Add popular brand icons anywhere on your website in SVG format. SVG format allows you to resize and change the icon colors without pixelating or hurting resolution.


[simple_icon name="wordpress" color="black" size="20px"]

Advanced caching for lightning fast icon loading

Our plugin utilizes advanced WordPress cache transients to cache in icon in the database for fast page loads. Each time you add a new icon to your page, our plugin will automatically cache it the first time the page with your icon is loaded. From that point forward the plugin will automatically load the icon from the cache.

How to use icons in navigation menus

Use icons easily in menu navigations by surrounding the icon slug with hashtags (example: #wordpress#). Learn more by watching the embedded video above.

How to use icons on pages or widgets

Easily add icons to your pages or widgets using shortcode. Access the backend icon generator by going to Settings -> Simple Icons. Again, view the video above to see an example.

How to use icons within your themes PHP files

Easily add icons to your PHP files by simply wrapping the shortcode in using the do_shortcode function.

Using the Simple Icons icon selector

Simple Icons Screenshot
Simple Icons icon selector screenshot in wp-admin

Utilizing the backend simple icons selector in your WordPress admin is the easiest method for finding and using icons on your website. Simply use the search bar and type in the brand name you want to search for. You will see that the icons below instantly filter based on your search keywords.

Once you find the icon you want, click on the copy icon next to the format you want to use. Remember: you’ll want to copy the hashtag for menu navigation items, and the shortcode for anywhere else on your website. Once you’ve copied the code you need go to the page or menu you want to add it to and paste it.

To restart a new search, simple delete the previous search and you will see all icons appear again. Then you can search for another icon.

What icons are included?

The following icons are included in our plugin: .NET, 500px, About.me, ACM, AddThis, Adobe, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Typekit, Airbnb, Amazon, AMD, American Express, Android, AngelList, Angular, Apple, Apple Music, Apple Pay, Arch Linux, Archive of Our Own, ArtStation, Asana, Atlassian, Atom, AT&T, Aurelia, Auth0, Automatic, Autotask, Aventrix, Baidu, Bandcamp, Basecamp, Bath ASU, Beats, Behance, Big Cartel, Bing, Bitbucket, Bitcoin, Bitdefender, Bitly, Blender, Blogger, Boost, Bootstrap, Bower, Brand.ai, Buffer, BuzzFeed, CakePHP, Campaign Monitor, Cash App, Castorama, Castro, Circle, CircleCI, Clockify, Clojure, Cloudflare, Codacy, Codecademy, Codecov, Codeforces, CodeIgniter, CodePen, Coderwall, Codewars, Codio, CoffeeScript, ComproPago, Conekta, Co-op, Coursera, Adobe Creative Cloud, CSS3, CSS Wizardry, C++, D3.js, Dailymotion, Debian, Deezer, Delicious, Dell, Designer News, DeviantArt, devRant, dev.to, Diaspora, Digg, DigitalOcean, Discord, Discourse, Discover, Disroot, Disqus, Django, Docker, Draugiem.lv, Dribbble, Dropbox, Drupal, DTube, eBay, Elastic, Elastic Cloud, Elasticsearch, Elastic Stack, elementary, Ello, Empire Kred, Envato, ESLint, Ethereum, Etsy, Eventbrite, Event Store, Evernote, Everplaces, Experts Exchange, F-Secure, Facebook, Fandango, FeatHub, Feedly, Firebase, Fitbit, Flattr, Flickr, Flipboard, Fnac, Foursquare, Figma, Framer, freeCodeCamp, Fur Affinity, Furry Network, Garmin, Gatsby, Gauges, Geocaching, Gerrit, Ghost, Git, GitHub, GitLab, Gitter, Glassdoor, Gmail, GNU, GNU social, GoldenLine, Goodreads, Go, Google, Google Allo, Google Chrome, Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Keep, Google Pay, Google Play, Google Podcasts, Google+, GOV.UK, Grafana, Graphcool, GraphQL, Grav, Gravatar, Groupon, Gulp, Gumroad, Gumtree, HackerRank, HackHands, Hackster, Haskell, Hatena Bookmark, HERE, Heroku, Hexo, Highly, HipChat, HockeyApp, homify, Hootsuite, Houzz, HTML5, Huawei, Hulu, Humble Bundle, IconJar, ICQ, iFixit, IMDb, Inkscape, Instacart, Instagram, Instapaper, Intel, Intercom, Internet Explorer, InVision, Jabber, Java, JavaScript, Jekyll, Jenkins, Jira, Joomla, jQuery, JSFiddle, JSON, Jupyter, JustGiving, Kaggle, KaiOS, Keybase, KeyCDN, Khan Academy, Kibana, Kickstarter, Kik, Kirby, Klout, Known, Koding, Kotlin, Ko-fi, Lanyrd, Laravel, Last.fm, Launchpad, LeetCode, Letterboxd, LibraryThing, Line, LINE WEBTOON, LinkedIn, Linux, Linux Foundation, LiveJournal, Livestream, Logstash, Lua, Macy’s, Magento, MailChimp, Mail.Ru, MakerBot, MasterCard, Mastodon, Matternet, MediaTemple, Medium, Meetup, Messenger, Meteor, Micro.blog, Microgenetics, Microsoft, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Minutemailer, Mix, Mixcloud, Mixer, Monero, MongoDB, Monkey tie, Monogram, Moo, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Myspace, MySQL, Neo4j, Netflix, Netlify, Nextcloud, Nextdoor, NGINX, Nintendo, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Switch, Node.js, Nodemon, NPM, Nucleo, NuGet, NVIDIA, Oculus, Odnoklassniki, Opera, Origin, Overcast, OVH, Pagekit, Pandora, Patreon, PayPal, Periscope, PHP, Picarto.TV, Pinboard, Pingdom, Pingup, Pinterest, PlanGrid, Player.me, PlayStation, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Plex, Pluralsight, Plurk, Pocket, Podcasts, PowerShell, Prismic, ProcessWire, Product Hunt, Proto.io, ProtonMail, Python, Qiita, Qualcomm, Quantopian, Quantcast, Quora, Qzone, R, Rails, Raspberry Pi, React, Read the Docs, Redbubble, Reddit, Redis, Redux, Renren, ReverbNation, Riseup, rollup.js, Roots, RSS, Ruby, Runkeeper, Rust, Safari, Salesforce, Samsung, Samsung Pay, SAP, Sass, Sauce Labs, Scala, Scribd, Sega, Sellfy, Sentry, Server Fault, Shazam, Shopify, Signal, Simple Icons, Sina Weibo, SitePoint, Skyliner, Skype, Slack, Slashdot, SlickPic, Slides, Smashing Magazine, Snapchat, Sogou, Songkick, SoundCloud, SourceForge, SparkFun, SparkPost, Speaker Deck, Spotify, Spotlight, Spreaker, Sprint, Squarespace, Stack Exchange, Stack Overflow, Statamic, Staticman, Steam, Steem, Steemit, Stitcher, Storify, Strava, Stripe, StubHub, StyleShare, Stylus, Sublime Text, Subversion, Super User, Swarm, Swift, Symfony, Tails, Tapas, TED, Teespring, Telegram, Tencent QQ, Tesla, The Mighty, The Movie Database, Tinder, T-Mobile, Toggl, Topcoder, Toptal, Trakt, Travis CI, Treehouse, Trello, TripAdvisor, Trulia, Tumblr, Twilio, Twitch, Twitter, Twoo, TYPO3, Uber, Ubuntu, Udacity, Udemy, UIkit, Umbraco, Unsplash, Untappd, Upwork, Vagrant, Venmo, Verizon, Viadeo, Viber, Vim, Vimeo, Vine, Virb, Visa, Visual Studio Code, VK, VLC media player, VSCO, Vue.js, Wattpad, Weasyl, Webpack, WebStorm, WeChat, WhatsApp, When I Work, Wii, Wii U, Wikipedia, Windows, Wire, Wix, Wolfram, Wolfram Language, Wolfram Mathematica, WordPress, WP Engine, Xbox, Xcode, Xero, Xing, X-Pack, XSplit, Y Combinator, Yahoo!, Yammer, Yandex, Yelp, YouTube, Zapier, Zendesk, Zerply, and Zillow.

Credits and Contributors

This plugin is built on the Simple Icons framework. Learn more by visiting their website and the GitHub repository.

Feedback and Reviews

Please leave us feedback or a review via the plugin page. We greatly appreciate those who take the time to write us a review.

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