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Review of the top 10 RSS Readers

Posted on: June 16th, 2019 by Theme Mason

Nowadays, staying updated with the latest news is a breeze, thanks to plenty of useful RSS readers. In case you don’t yet know, RSS Reader stands for ‘Rich site summary’. It constitutes a family of web feed formats that are used for transferring information from blogs, websites and other similar platforms. RSS feed was developed to simplify the process of transferring information between websites and users in an easy and readable form, and going by their current popularity, they definitely seem to have met their goal. But with so many RSS readers out there, how do you know, which one makes the cut? Well, that’s what we will find out in the next few sections.


If you’re looking for an RSS reader with a simple, clutter-free interface- Feedly is a great option. Featuring an option called ‘add content’, this RSS reader helps you to seamlessly filter out new content. In this way, you also come across the content that you are actually looking to subscribe. Although Feedly is free to use, it also has a paid subscription plan. Available at $5, this plan comes with more features while also allowing you to integrate the feeds on web platforms like Dropbox and Evernote.


Inspired by Google reader’s demise, Inoreader is a simple and incredibly functional RSS reader that comes with plenty of configurable settings. Like other RSS readers in the market, Inoreader too has a simple interface and highly navigable features. You can use this nifty tool for subscribing to your favorite blogs, Google+ feeds, news portals and other websites. What’s more, you can also tailor personalized rules that’ll perform tasks like sending emails or sending to instapper. Currently, Inoreader comes with four different view modes, and four themes for user interface.


Available in both free and paid plans, Newsblur lets you subscribe to more than 64 feeds. You can read the entire text of these sites on the web reader, and also save those stories that you are looking to read later on. The best part: you won’t even have to click aggressively while using Newsblur, simply scrolling will work. Articles will display one after another thereby ensuring glitch-free reading. One of the defining aspects of Newsblur is the fact that it allows sophisticated filtering. With this feature, you can automatically underline or hide stories according to your mentioned criteria. This way, you only get to see the content you’re actually willing to read.

The Old Reader

If you’re fond of devouring every kind of content, The Old Reader is just the right platform for you. Not only does it come with some awesome content, but this tool also allows you to share recommendations with friends more comfortably. Unlike most other RSS readers, The Old Reader will also suggest you the content read and liked by your buddies. The free plan of this app lets you read articles as and when you want to, while also allowing you to subscribe to up to 100 feeds.


With a compelling and intuitive interface, Feeder is one of the best RSS readers out there. With extended support for integrations like Gengo, Upwork and more, the dashboard of this tool improves your productivity to great lengths. If you’re using the web version, the up and down arrows can be used for browsing through stories. There’s also another feature called Simple few that only lets you see text and the multimedia contents.

Digg Reader

Digg Reader is an online RSS Reader that comes free of cost. This news aggregator boasts a clean and highly navigable user-interface that lines up every feature that you’d need for reading and sorting your RSS feeds. Since this RSS reader also integrates with alternative web services like Instapaper, it gets easier for you to bookmark all the posts that you are planning to read later.


RSSowl is a solid application for organizing, listing and reading all the content you love. The interface of this tool is extremely comfortable, and this alone, makes it easier for you to sort through the articles that you are looking to read. With cross-platform functionality, news filters and a feature for instant search, this application comes with every other feature that you’d expect from a premium grade RSS reader. What’s more, it also lets you save your searches, and notifies you about the kind of content you are looking to read.


One of the best RSS reader apps, Flipboard comes with a magazine-style interface and is designed to offer an entirely new kind of experience than your regular RSS feed reader. While it isn’t as well-assorted as Feedly, you will still find a wide range of stories from whole new perspectives. In fact, there’s a special section called ‘What’s your Passion’ that lets you follow the topics and ideas that interest you. Despite functioning like a news aggregator, this is one tool that’ll allow you to transform your RSS feeds to a perfectly curated magazine.

Flow Reader

Flow Reader is a web-based RSS reader that lets you stay in sync with all the publications you love. Additionally, it also keeps you updated about the trending topics on Reddit, Youtube and Twitter. With this web application, you get the chance of subscribing to as many blogs as you’d want. What’s more, you’d also get a feature where you can check posts in a reverse chronological order. This will not just let you go through headlines faster but will also connect you with the ones that actually draws your attention.


With a simple interface, this is one of those RSS readers that offers you a truly seamless reading experience. From letting you organize categories, to allowing you to add your favorite sources as feeds, this is one of the best RSS readers out there. As you add an RSS feed here, you will find ample options to tweak it according to your preference.

Bottom Line

So now that you know about the best RSS readers, explore your options, and pick the one that perfectly lives up to your needs.